Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 12 Discussion Question + Reading Choices

Our readings this week explored the importance and implementation of multicultural, transnational, and international perspectives in gender studies. My contribution this week is part exercise, and part question: what books/articles, documentaries, videos, media, or pop culture examples have you encountered in the past that helped to promote international and transnational perspectives?

Together, perhaps we can collectively build a list of resources that can be used in our classrooms to promote global perspectives and multicultural understandings of gender, race, sexual orientation, transgender/intersexual experiences, disability/ability, age, religion, ethnicity, body politics, labor, and cultural borderlands. I'll be including some of mine in a comment to this post, and I invite you all to do the same.

Here are my choices for next week's readings (I gravitated toward the technology-oriented pieces):

- Cohee, et al in The Feminist Teacher Anthology
  • Chapter 10, "This Class Meets in Cyberspace: Women's Studies via Distance Education" by Ellen Cronan Rose
  • Chapter 17 , "Would You Rather be a Goddess or a Cyborg?" by Suzanne K. Damarin
- Naples and Bohar, Teaching Feminist Activism
  • Chapter 16, "Becoming Feminist Cyber Ethnographers" by Rebecca Anne Allahyari
  • Chapter 11, "Activism and Alliance within Campus Sisterhood Organizations" by Simona J. Hill
- McKeachie's Teaching Tips
  • Chapter 13, subsections "Class Management Problems" and "Emotional Problems"
  • Chapter 17, subsections "How Will Technology Enhance Teaching and Learning?" and "Teaching with Technology"

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  1. As promised, here are some materials I've encountered with an international perspective on issues we typically cover in Women's Studies classes that are often U.S.-centric:

    - "La OperaciĆ³n" -- a documentary on women's forced sterilization in Puerto Rico
    - Felicity Schaeffer-Grabiel, "Planet-Love.com: Cyberbrides in the Americas and the Transnational Routes of U.S. Masculinity"
    - Gloria Wekker, "'What's Identity Got to Do with It?' Rethinking Identity in Light of the Mati Work in Suriname"

    I'll post more as they occur to me!