Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 7th post-Vivian

In Imagining Differently: The Politics of Listening in a Feminist Classroom, Cevenak, Cespeden, Souza and Staub explore the concept of Latinidad. Latinidad(solidarity on the basis of bieng a Latina woman) is deconstructed to understand the complexities of sisterhood and solidarity. According to the article, internalizing an identity such as belonging to a "Latina group" can actually be counterproductive. The article cautioned against internalizing identities. According to the article, if a Latina accepts and internalizes her identity then she is also internalizing the state's narrative of what that role is.
Do you think accepting an identity as part of a group means internalizing the nation's narrative of that group? In other words, is identifying by race or gender counterproductive because it assumes essentialized notions of truth?

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