Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Discussion Questions for April 14_Irina

1) Activity: in her article on racialized misogyny, Dell explained some of the assignments she uses in class. One of the assignments is Response Cards. Dell asks students to write their immediate responses and then to share them. This way, the students do not have time to rephrase their immediate thoughts and make them sound politically correct. I think it would be great to try this in our own class. Maybe read a short article about a certain issue (in class) and then do the response cards. We do something similar via our discussions but most of us have had time to think about the articles we read or the questions posted. So it would be interesting to try these Response Cards.

2) In, “Making ‘Racialized Misogyny’ Visible: Internationalizing Women and Violence,” Dell explains how “racialized misogyny…in both white and Black communities has placed women of color in the unnecessary position of having to decide whether to identify themselves as Black or as women” (280). This choice of identity can be found in many situations. For example, sometimes I have to choose between my identity as a feminist and as my parents’ daughter.
a. Please provide an example of when you had to choose an identity and explain your action in that situation.

3) In, “Investigating the Transnational Dimensions of Class, Race, Gender, and Sexual Identity: Engaging the Students in Research,” Pershing describes how she leads her class and what she assigns to students.
a. Imagine that you are teaching a class about the issue of choosing between identities (as described in the article by Dell). Please briefly describe your assignment to help students understand this concept and begin to question such accepted practices and expectations.

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