Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 11 Discussion Question

As several of this week's readings demonstrate, the likelihood of encountering resistance in the classroom remains high, particularly when discussing issues of racism; and as feminist teachers, we must prepare ourselves for addressing such reactions. In Donadey's chapter, she takes time to share several readings she assigns in anticipation of students' confused and upsetting emotional responses to racism. Audre Lorde also speaks about the importance of recognizing the "uses of anger" to overcome paralyzing feelings of guilt, or the fear of confronting with other women about racism.

What other specific methods, materials, and assignments could we use to find productive uses for anger--both the anger of students of color, and white students' anger at being confronted with their privileges? How might our pedagogies help to creatively channel that anger into productive change, as Lorde urges us to do, and what would these practical strategies look like in a syllabus?

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