Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21st Discussion Questions_Irina

1. (Chapter 10) In her article, "This Class Meets in Cyberspace," Rose describes
many of the limitations of teaching distance classes. Do you think the
limitations outweight the benefits of teaching in this way or do you think
distance learning is worth it and should be implemented? Please Explain.

2. (Chapter 12) In, "Homophobia and Sexism as Popular Values, Bleich describes
how students were "outraged" to read Shirley Jackson's story in which a woman is
picked annually to be stoned in a ceremony. Students were "more concerned with
whether the victim had a right to complain (which she did) than with the fact
that such a practice was stipulated to begin with" (156-157). Bleich states that
she could have "told" them WHAT to discuss but chose not to because in this way
she could observe what the students' values are. Explain what you would have
done in this same situation (and explain why).

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