Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Current Events/Media for 4-28 Readings

See this link for an article discussing some of the work done by the group Sisterhood at Susquehanna University.

These links are to the website. The first is an activist project meant to implemented on college campuses in order to bring attention to and to decrease sexual assault.
The second link is a useful article explaining the connection between theory and activism and the benefits in taking Women's Studies courses for activists.

The next link is a youtube clip of the University of Central Florida's Clothesline Project. Working with the clothesline project was part of a service learning course offered at the school.

If anyone is unfamiliar with the clothesline project please check it out at the link below.

SDSU Women's Studies program & the Clothesline Project
• April: THE CLOTHESLINE PROJECT: This project began over a decade ago as a way for survivors of domestic and relationship partner abuse to express themselves. The students were provided with blank t-shirts in which they drew and inscribed messages of survival and affirmation. All t-shirts made a statement against violence against women--regardless of whether the students had experienced it personally (many had). The T-shirts were displayed at the high school to let other students view their work and their important messages. Note: creative projects of this nature are also very popular and frequently repeated. A variation of this is a collectively made quilt. On each square, students were asked to articulated salient features of their ethnic/racial/geographical heritage of which they are proud. One such completed quilt is on permanent display at Hoover High School.

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