Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chapter I'd like to read...

Here are the chapters that look most compelling to me:

Teaching Feminist Activism:
1. Chapter Four: Challenging the "Academic/Real World" Divide by Catherine M. Orr
2. Chapter Ten: Globalization and Radical Feminist Pedagogy by Anna M. Agathangelou
3. Chapter Sixteen: Becoming Feminist Cyber Ethnographers by Rebecca Anne Allahyari

McKeachie's Teaching Tips:
1. Chapter Two: Countdown for Course Preparation
2. Chapter Five: Facilitating Discussion: Posing Problems, Listening, Questioning
3. Chapter Thirteen: Dealing with Student Problems and Problem Students

The Feminist Teacher Anthology:
1. Chapter Six: The Power of No by Martha E. Thompson
2. Chapter Twelve: Homophobia and Sexism as Popular Values by David Bleich
3. Chapter Seventeen: Would You Rather by a Goddess or a Cyborg? by Suzanne K. Damarin

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