Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reading Selections by Jessica Spain

Selected Readings for the Next Few Weeks

- Cohee, et al in The Feminist Teacher Anthology
  • Chapter 17 , "Would You Rather be a Goddess or a Cyborg?" by Suzanne K. Damarin
  • Chapter 19, "Gender, Race, and Radicalism: Teaching the Autobiographies of Native and African American Activists."
- Naples and Bohar, Teaching Feminist Activism
  • Chapter 9, "Global Feminism and Activism in Women's Studies Practicum" by Kayann Short
  • Chapter 10, "Globalization and Radical Feminist Pedagogy" by Anna M. Agathangelou
- McKeachie's Teaching Tips
  • Chapter 4, "Reading as Active Learning"
  • Chapter 13, "Dealing with Student Problem and Problem Students (There's Almost Always at Least One!)

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