Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Discussion Question for 4/14

The readings this week discussed the importance, design, and implementation of multicultural, transnational, and international perspectives in gender studies. My reflection question pedagogical practice comes from the Cohen and Stewart article and Mohanty's Chapter. Both of these brought up important topics to consider when designing an inclusive course integrating multiculturalism, transnationalism, and international perspectives in gender studies.

The feminist pedagogical practice I suggest is something I thought about when reading Cohen and Stewart, in reference to their point on page 446 which states: "Among important pedagogical issues, it may be constructive to recognize that a great deal of this material may be uncomfortable for students". My response is students have been comfortable and learned nothing why not have students feel uncomfortable and gain consciousness.

So, I suggest that maybe having a "box of conocimientos". The box would be open for students to write notes, questions, ideas, questions, or concerns on anything that they feel uncomfortable or want to have discussion on; they would drop their statements in the box. Each week or class day depending on schedule someone would draw one of those statements out of the box and then break up in small groups to discuss it.

In a sense, then students begin to voice their discomfort and speak to the challenges and fear of talking about some of the complexities of the topics discussed in the readings this week. In addition, like Mohanty explains its important for students to "pay attention to the processes of [their own racialization]" thus, transforming their understanding about the world they live in. This process may or may not work and I think a foundation of conocimientos would have to happen before implementing the box, but its an idea.

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