Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In Ch. 4 Katherine Orr regarded her student's experiences as "texts to be unloaded" . Each student was able to unload their text in the classroom by sharing their experiences but unlike learning from a text they were able to personally apply their learning through self-reflexion. The community work done by the students encouraged them to view themselves as subjects of a historical period. In addition, the students added another layer of complexity by examining race and gender in their present experiences. The issue of race was crucial for many of her student's who seemed to have developed a new understanding of their place in the world through a new lense. For example, one Mexican student whose family immigrated from a higher class was able to see his similarities to a yound boy (who happened to be the son of a Mexican janitor). In Ch. 16 Rebecca Anne Allhyari also examines the process of learning and gathering data by discussing "Becoming Feninist Cyber Ethnographers". If you had to describe yourself within a historical context or explore your own ethnography, where would you begin? How would you begin this journey of self exploration?

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