Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laura's Discussion Questions for April 14

1. In the article "Making "Racialized Misogyny" Visible: Internationalizing Women and Violence" by Heather S. Dell, one of the techniques that she used to teach about dowry death and feminist activism was to examine the myth of people of color as "tradition-bound".
a. What are some examples of experiences or moments in which you have been experienced being the object of "tradition-bound" myths?
b. How have you reacted to or how has your identity been shaped by "tradition-bound" myths?

2. In the article "Teaching Globalization, Gender, and Culture" by Deborah S. Rosenfelt, the author discusses the theme of "globalization through mass culture of Western criteria for beauty, the refusal to perform in a standard Western dialect could also be read as a resistance to a standardized aesthetics of the body"(173), and she also describes how cultural criticism may be difficult for undergraduates to discuss. I suggest for a pedagogical activity that we use flashcards with different terms on them like 'eurocentrism, decolonization, Third World, clitoridectomy, globalization, free markets ' and discuss how we feel about those terms.

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