Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Discussion Questions, Week14

sorry this is a bit late...

In Chapter 4: Challenging the "Academic/Real World" Divide, Orr's arguments support Agathangelou's observation that "our fear of revealing the unequal distribution of privileges and vulnerabilities within the classroom made it difficult to move away from criticism of who or what was "bad" or "good""(pg.141), what would be some creative strategies/activities that will challenge students to share their cultural assumptions about other students to begin the process of solidarity building and overcoming feelings of discomfort? Creating a list of community/classroom values?

In Chapter 10: Globalization and Radical Feminist Pedagogy, Agathangelou states "utilizing three major processes- critique, communication, and confrontation/negotiation- students become agents to enact their own physical, material, and discursive movements, their strategies of resistance, and their envisioning of a progressive future in which they actualize self and communities,"(pg.152), what would be a good way to approach/confront students that use those three major processes without integrity and honesty? Should the risk of wouding from internalized dominance and intellectual/emotional manipulation be issues that a feminist teacher should address/expose early in the course to assist students in developing decolonized minds?

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