Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 16 Discussion Question(s)

This week's readings offered a plethora of practical tips not only for teaching, but for constructing the best possible learning experience for students. Without a doubt, to succeed at this requires us to understand our students as well as possible. In Chapter 2, "The Countdown for Course Preparation," and Chapter 3, "Dealing with Student Problems and Problems," the authors advocate for understanding who our students are, and what they need from us.

Drawing from our personal experiences in the classroom--both as students, and as teachers--how must our teaching strategies vary depending on the different types of college/universities we are at, or the different student groups we teach to? Have you had any experiences with adjusting your pedagogical strategies to fit students' needs that you'd like to share? Thinking reflexively, what could you do to make your pedagogy more flexible and spontaneous?

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