Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Discussion Questions, Week 15, Laura

In Ch. 2 from McKeachie's Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers, the impact of having clear goals for the class and saving time for self-reflection as a student/teacher are repeatedly emphasized...
1. Are there any personal goals or professional goals that this course on Feminist Pedagogies has helped you achieve or develop for the future?
2. On pg. 27, McKeachie discusses some examples of self-test questions that can help teachers and students in the process of getting to know each other better by revealing doubts, questions, and insecurities before the class begins to learn about the course material, what other questions do you think would positively contribute to the set of self-test questions?
The self-test questions McKeachie shared were: Are you rigid? Will you really try to help students? Are you easily rattled? Are you a person as well as a teacher? Can you handle criticism?

See all you womyn later :)

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