Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Current Events: Technology and Resistance

In the past few years, cell phone video technology has been used to capture several incidents of students being tasered and/or arrested for creating disturbances in university classrooms and libraries. One example is the UCLA Taser Incident in 2006; a more recent incident occurred at the University of Wisconsin earlier this semester. A video of the latter is below (warning for conflict and violence):

Incidents like these raise a lot of questions for me. How are campus safety policies used to discriminate against students of color, or students from different cultures? At what point would you feel the need to call campus security? At what point does student hostility become a threat, or out of control? Regarding the above video, how would you have reacted if you were the teacher in that situation?


I also wanted to share a really fascinating article about a local UCSD professor who uses art and technology to protest immigration policies and raise political consciousness--and the negative consequences he's facing as a result.

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