Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disucssion Question Wk 16

In chapter 4, "Reading as Active Learning," the authors of describe strategies for not only getting students to read, but strategies for getting students to engage with what they are reading in order to truly connect with and understand the material. One strategy is reading quizzes and another is reading journals.

Given that many of us will be teaching courses with assigned reading, which strategy do you think you will employ? Keep in mind the extensive academic housework that grading reading journals entails (Thank you Dr. Lara for reading all of those sentipensante journals and your valuable insight and comments). This type of journal assignment may be much more difficult when there a 40 students in a class. I'd like for us to discuss the realities of the authors' strategies for getting students to read, and talk about when and where we should place limitations on what we take on.


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