Sunday, May 9, 2010

Discussion Question for 5/12

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are well. This last weeks reading give some suggestions on some of the practical teaching practices. My question comes From Chapter 5, the author talks about active learning but what does active learning look and feel like from a feminist conocimiento(s)? What are your thoughts on this?

At the beginning of the Chapter 5 the authors discuss the goals and objectives for incorporating discussion in class--(Page 35)
What can be added to the following list Svinicki and McKeachie provide in the chapter.

Something totally apart from the readings is my reflection on Chelsea's last post. My reflection of the seminar is powerful and it's an experience that I will continue to share with others around me. This class was transformative, not only did I learn about pedagogical practices from a feminist perspective but I also became aware of other communities as well as it's diverse identities. I think that overall, I became aware more of the relationship between my bodymindspirit and how that impacts every teachable moment. Moreover, this seminar encouraged me to feel, smell, understand, question, and see different social locations. I thank all of you for being part of this process and all the new (des)conocimientos.


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