Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello! I wanted to share my thoughts on the top two chapters I selected from Twenty-First-Century Feminist Classrooms: Pedagogies of Identity and Difference. I selected Chapter 1 and 6. Chapter 1 seems to cover discussion on how we can continue to build on difference and conflict in order to build on a "pedagogy of coalition". I want to read more about the invisiblity and visibility of the "other"in the classroom and the community. Chapter 6 sounds interesting because it will go over more in debt about antiracist pedagogy and its relation to concientizacion. I also want to read on how the latter is reflected on through a Chicana/Latina feminist approach, because most of the time discussion of antiracism is only addressed in binary terms. Ok. well that is my suggestion, all of the Chapters in the book sound interesting and exciting. See you all in class tomorrow.


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