Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Conocimiento Walk Fall 2009

I was at home sick on the day our class went on a conocimiento walk, but for the purpose of sharing my reflection and contributing to the blog, I will share my experience from my first walk. It was last semester in Irene's US Women of Color course and there were about 40-50 students in the class. We went on our conocimiento walk in between the music building (where our class was located), and between the Adams Humanities building in the grassy area.

I remember feeling quite silly because it was such a large group and we looked like a trail of ants in a line walking around the bordering grass areas. I remembering thinking I wonder what the students around us are thinking and what everyone else in the class was thinking as well. I finally let the silly feelings go and I really tried to take in the time in this walk. I remember feeling the sun shining down on my skin. It was a nice day with a little bit of a fresh breeze that flew by which made me very aware of the environment and how much I wished to be free mat the beach enjoying the weather. I remember a group of girls on a team practicing in the field in view playing soccer. It brought me back to memories of when I used to play and it made me miss it greatly. I just wished I had the time to participate in team sports like I used to through childhood and as a teen. A lot of flashbacks occurred at that point and I was happy for those girls that are still able to make the time to play.

The walk continued back to the class and I remember feeling refreshed and excited to discuss with the class how we experienced our first conocimiento walk. I think everyone felt a bit goofy at first, but then they allowed themselves to really cherish those few moments and were able to take something from it. Writing this blog and reflecting on my first conocimiento walk from last semester has sparked some feelings for me to go to my spot at the Coronado docks to just be and take in the environment there. I hope to find some time to do that later this week!

Hopefully we can do another walk this semester when I'm not sick! =)


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