Monday, March 22, 2010

Discussion Question for Week 10 "Pedagogies of Identity and Differnce"

This discussion question focuses Michiko Hase's "Student Resistance and Nationalism in the Classroom: Reflections of Globalizing the Curriculum," and Tamara Williams' and Erin McKenna's "Negotiating Subject Positions in a Service-Learning Context: Toward a Feminist Critique of Experiential Learning" from Twenty-First Century Feminist Classrooms: Pedagogies of Identity and Difference.

How is integrating an awareness and analysis of nation(ality) and nationalism important to the development of a feminist pedagogy that emphasizes liberatory education, in other words, how does recognizing this form of domination make us "more free"? What types of implications does centering the role and responsibility of the US in global and political systems of domination have for feminist activism outside of academe? How can we integrate what we have learned about nation(ality) and nationalism into service-learning projects assigned in women's studies classrooms in a way that challenges assumptions and preconceptions about traditionally underserved, and marginalized groups?

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