Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moriah's Conocimiento Walk

I feel as though my conocimiento walk began as I started to class today. I parked my car in lot W and saw a hummingbird hovering in the air in front of my car. It stayed in the same place for almost a minute hovering and I was amazed anew what creative energies and brilliance it took to create such a beautiful and complicated creature. I was confronted again with this thought as I walked up the stairs along the hill where a rather large lizard was visible just at the edge of the grass. So intricate and vastly different from the hummingbird I saw a moment before. When I see things like this, especially in nature but in people as well, that is when I most feel our creator’s presence. She was with me today as I stood in the grass, feeling the wind brushing my face and playing with my hair. The cool night air had an almost tangible quality that I could feel against my eyelids and cheeks. The quiet of the space, the crunch of the leaves and the soft feel of the grass beneath my feet. The moon hung a slight crescent winking brightly, smilingly slyly in the indigo sky above. I have an affinity for the moon and the night, the cold and the quiet. It moves something within me and I feel as if I am patient and quiet enough and paying close enough attention I might discover how it all works and how I fit within it.

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