Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conocimiento Walk and Reflection

In this process of conocimiento I felt a lot of different things and I thought about many things. So what I will did in my quick write is make a list of things or people I thought about and allowed me to reflect about the past, present, and future.

  1. trees = reminding me of my childhood at my tia Carmen's
  2. Flowers = smell = sweet
  3. fresh cold air = relax state of mind
  4. folded arms  = unfolded arms at the end of walk
  5. the people around me (what they are thinking and what they might be observing)
  6. the possibility of having absolutely no light and what that would feel like- function, etc.
  7. the sky- I noticed how blue it was that night
  8. I tasted flowers
  9. I thought of Alex and what conocimientos he brought in my life
  10. soccer = running = truth
  11. blank piece of mind (their were moments where I thought of nothing)
  12. sitting down at home drinking hot chocolate
  13. divorce- and that meant for my parents
  14. nature, nature, nature, and its ability to sound and look like other objects/subjects in my reality
  15. Thought about how I am would be ok.- Things happen for a reason and their is time and space for everything.
In sum, this was a good activity. Very rewarding and deep. I don't believe I take much time for my mind to wonder and then reflect. This list doesn't make sense but maybe in the future it will have some use. Thank you.

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