Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feminist Pedagogical Component Question

On Wednesday evening my facilitation of class covered the article Introduction: The Passion and Praxis of Feminist Pedagogy by Robbin D. Crabtree, David Alan Sapp, and Adela C. Licona. It is the introduction to the anthology Feminist Pedagogy: Looking Back to Move Forward (2009).
As part of the introductory chapter, the authors outline in detail what the following chapters entail. Part of feminist pedagogy is, simply put, that the students can offer input to inform the course of the class. For my exercise, then, I have asked for you to look back over those last few pages and share with us (here on the blog) which chapter(s) you you like added to our reading materials this semester and why. Depending on what we all say, if possible, maybe Irene will be able to add the article(s) or substitute them in for something else. Maybe... :)

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  1. Thanks for putting this together Chelsea!

    Looking back over the notes I took for this chapter, I am especially intrigued by the brief description of Tamara Williams's and Erin McKenna's essay "Negotiating Subject Positions in a Service-Learning Context: Toward a Feminist Critique of Experiential Learning." As an intern with the Young Women's Studies Club at Hoover High, I am interested in discovering what these theorists have to say about the evaluation of students' participation in service-learning programs as traditional grading rubrics may not adequately measure personal growth. The authors also discuss how teachers might effectively address the painful memories and experiences that acompany work in serive learning environments.

    *More description is available on page 18 of Macdonald & Sanchez-Casal's text.