Monday, February 22, 2010

Laura's Conocimiento Walk Experience

My experience during the conocimiento walk was one of heightened observation, I thought about all the previous times I had walked through that same space without appreciating the environment. I noticed the details in the way the light and dark green spaces contrasted with each other. I thought it was a very peaceful experience because I felt a sense of closeness with nature's silence and openess since there weren't that many students walking around. The dark areas attracted me the most because of the sense of wonder that they created. I think it's very therapeutic to be around plants after a long day trapped in doors with the smell of air conditioner. At first I had trouble with breathing because my heavy laptop and the walk down the stairs made me take some time to catch my breath and then I was barely able to smell the grass. I thought about how great it will be to someday have my own garden space and a mini deciduous tree forest. I thought it was interesting how the reflection looking up at the tree branches reminded me of chemistry class in high school because the shapes of the branches resembled chemical bonds. I felt a deep sense of appreciation for the green space because of the down-to-earth emotions that it incites.

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